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Remote Support

The remote access utility we use is HIPAA compliant and utilizes an encrypted connection between both computers.

Remote support is very convenient, especially because you don’t have to pack up all your gear and schlep it to one of our store locations. Provided you can get online, you can download our app and let us do the work.

Besides not having to deal with hauling your equipment to one of our stores, remote service allows you to watch everything our technicians do with your computer. You have the right to disconnect at any time. If you have questions there is a messaging utility built in to our software that allows you to chat at any time.

Here’s how to connect:


See, what could be more convenient than not leaving the office or house? If for some reason we start the work and can’t complete it, you can bring the computer to any of our locations and we’ll finish the job at no additional charge.

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