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Free Diagnostic

Free diagnostic means we’ll provide you with a diagnostic and an estimate of price for free. Here’s out it works:

  1. Bring your computer or laptop to our location with a description of the problem
  2. We may be able to diagnose the issue while you’re in the store
  3. Because some issues take longer to diagnose than others, we may sign the device in for our free diagnostic
  4. If the equipment requires disassembly to perform the diagnostic and you do not opt for service you may receive it disassembled. We charge up to $50.00 to reassemble laptops.

No Fix = No Pay

We’re so confident in our ability to keep you connected that if we can’t fix your laptop or computer you don’t pay.

If you opt to have your equipment returned you may receive it disassembled depending on the state of disrepair. We charge up to $50.00 to reassemble laptops.

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